Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hair Carnival..... Christmas Hair

so this year we will probably be rocking a Fro. This time last year, he didn't have very much hair, if you remember my post of Tye cutting his hair.
 This style could easily work for Boys or girls long hair short hair and even a quick and easy infant style curly kinky straight wavy its soo versatile, just dress it up with bows, barrettes or a headband and you're good to go .

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we started off with day old giant twist 
I combed out each section

yea we're getting that length back :o)

and we only used this giant comb

 yea he does have a weird hair color

Merry Christmas, and Seasons Greetings


  1. What! I didn't know his hair was that color, that is cool!

  2. @ Tav, yea it has some funky ring of color around it, lol


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