Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick and Easy Back to School Styles part 1

Back to school, for some parents is all about the joy of seeing their children grew a little bit more, and others its the saddness of seeing their child grow another year old.... But for most others its Chaotic. Rushing to get kids ready, last minute school shopping, and trying to find a way to get everything done on your check list, while still have your child presentable for the first day of school......

First Style
The Afro, a classic, and i just love how it looks on my son :o)

Now on for a style, another simple and easy one 

Two Low Ponytails 

Model A has very Thick curly Hair, and I found that wot get a slick ponytail it was better to start towards the neck and work my way up towards the front of his hairline, giving the appearance of a smooth ponytail and no bumps   
Even though this picture is done on a boy, you can dress it up with bows, barrettes or ballies, to make it more girlie.

and the 123 Ballies are the perfect addition for the first day of school. 

and if your looking for something a little more complicated but not too much,

   Please excuse the placement of the pictures while i get used to blogger. But below is a quick favorite. I only used a brush, detangler and ponytail holders, and it took maybe 15 minutes.  

Staye tuned for in depth photo's and how to's 


  1. Your back to school's are short & sweet, which is during this time. Back to school can be stressful lol...I love the colorful cross ponytails.

  2. Cute! the X's are great ;-) can't wait for the tutorial on that one, too!

  3. I love the multi-colored bands. So cute and fun :)


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