Thursday, August 25, 2011

5th Birthday Candyland Party

Yes another post that has nothing to do with hair... My other love Parties... I am nowhere near a proffessional, but i love them I hope you enjoy and maybe get inspired

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my niece/ God Duagther's 5th Birthday Party. We had many things planned that didn't get done but its okay we still had a blast, even though we had to find a place to hold the party after the venue cancelled 3 days before the party. We ended up having it on the side of the house and didn't use half of the decorations we made. Below is a couple of Pictures, Most taken by new and my new camera.....

The invitation, we got froma love lady on Etsy.  You can find her store here, she has lots of goodies in her store and has really good prices.

This is the Tutu I made her. I wish I would have been able to make it a little bit longer, but oh well.

Wondering about the Bow? Well my Lovely Friend over at Bow-Issa, made it. Special order, and i must say I was very pleased.

and she also made these to go on her shoes. totally matched the invitations and her tutu, to a T.

Well I guess this small section could be about hair. This was my nieces first time getting her hair Pressed. We washed, detangled and blow dried her hair. ( her mommy learned it was better to wash and detangle in sections :o)), and procced to press it. In the morning I freshened up the edges and did a loose french braid across the top and attached with a Bow. This is the same style also used on this post

A Couple of more pictures of the Birthday Girl. All photos taken by me... :o)

What candyland party would be complete without candy. Lots and Lots of Candy!!!!! real and fake

Here is the Candy Buffet.

teh styrofoam letters where decorated by the Birthday Girl herself

All of our Vip Guest recieved a Gumball Necklace. Ours was kinda trown togethere at the last minute.

candy necklaces used as napkin rings

we had this giant Paper Lanterns and had planned to cover them in cello wrap to be used as giant candies

 some of the activites included painting pictyures and decorating masks

the cake

Party favors, where little tin pals, filled with Play Doh, Bubbles, Crayola Crayons, Fancy Blow Outs, Mini Flosses, and Tooth Brusses. You can not be around candy and not provide proper dental care.

 What was Left over from the Party
All of teh kiddies went home with lots of goodies.... and armsfull of candy


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  1. that is goo cute I love the goodies pails were full of good healthy stuff :)


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