Sunday, July 15, 2012

Parnevu T-Tree... Product Review

The Lovely People over @ Parnevu has giving me the opportunity to try and review their T Tree Line of hair products. I must say, that i was a little hesitant, because of past experiences with their product and the smell. the first time I smelled it i was having a migraine and I didn't like it at all. SO naturally i also associated T Tree oil and a migraine so i stayed cleared away.

But i decided to give it a try anyway with the reasoning that i didn't have to use it on my hair or on Tye's but on some of other little lovelies.... and i g lad i did because it smells nothing like a remember which is a good thing ( and probably all mental anyway) It has a sweet medicinal kinda smell hard to explain.

I was given a portion of their T-Tree Line which included full bottles, I repeat full bottles of their
  • therapeutic shampoo (12oz)
  • leave in conditioner (12oz)
  • break control cream (6oz)
  • Braid Spray    (12oz)

The shampoo had a nice rich lather, which left the hair felling squeaky clean. And after using the conditioner, it added extra moisture to the hair

here is a picture of my little sister's hair after being washed and towel dried. I applied a little bit of the break control to help the edges lay down, which it did without a lot of greasy build up

and here is the second style i did using the Parnevu T-Tree Products...

I actually verved from the written direction on the bottle and used the condition, to Band Ms. K's hair before putting into this style and i do believe it did the job.

SO the big question i always ask my self, is would i sell this product and the answer is YES... and i am actually selling the Braid Spray Locally because it was one of my favorite from the line.

If you can't wait for me to sell the product on line, you can check out the Pranevu's Web Page of Facebook page on more information about ordering and obtaining your own Parnve T-Tree  or other hair Care Products

and just because we had fun with he product here's some more styles we achieved with the t tree products

mini's a month later

same mini's after 6 weeks

and some braids, stay tuned for more styles using T-Tree Oil Products

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