Saturday, April 7, 2012

When to cut their hair?

So my friends 4 year old son has been begging his mother for months to cut his. Like most of  "hair" mommies out there, she couldn't bring herself to it. and i mean he has a lot of hair, that mommy keeps nice and neat and his braid styles are awesome. you can see some of his pictures in our boys style gallery on our facebook page...

buy anywho, after months of begging and no hair cut he took maters into his own hands, and i mean literally...

He cut off some of his braids, so she offs to get his hair cut... :o( one more curly soldier soon to be gone... but on the bright side, they'll be more awesome hair cuts to steal and post :o) so no more boys braid for this little fellow

SO my question is, if you child, b oy or girl is begging to get a hair cut, would you consider it why or why not, and if they went as far as to actually cut it, would you finish  the job like i did when tye cut his ?


  1. I would have gone ahead and cut his hair. I mean it's his hair. If I hadn't, and he'd gone ahead and done it himself, then I couldn't even get mad about it, and would just finish it off for him. It's just hair. To me girls are different. I don't see any of my daughters ever begging to get their hair cut, but if they do, then I would let them cut it. Again, it's hair and if cared for properly it will grow back.

    1. that's a good point, it is his hair, and i haven't know of many girls begging to cut their hair, but they do cute it.....

      when tye cut his hair we ended up cutting it all off and it has since then grown back

  2. My oldest son came to me when he was about 3 and stated he wanted his hair cut. I took him to get his hair cut without hesitation. He was ready so it didnt bother me. If my son had already started like tye, I would be so upset and depending on how bad he cut it I may nor may not finish the job.


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