Sunday, December 15, 2013

Prodcut Review..... The Bead Barrette

Oh My I can not believe its been so long since my last post, I will truly try to do better. But My first post back will be a product review
The Bead Barrette. I've been seeing and reading the buzz about it, and was more than a Little Excited because they weren't yet sold in my area, But you can now find them at Walmart and my favorite go to Snapaholics  when I don't carry a certain item, i'm sure they do.

The Bead Barrette came to life, when owner and designer Jennifer Zachery, needed a solution to the common problem of Toddlers and Beads, when her daughter Kyndal's daycare banned beads ( in their center and thank heavens they did or we wouldn't have this awesome product) in their center.
I will first say that I had dropped them and for a second my Heart Dropped. but i realized that i didnt have thousands of loose beads,all over my floor. SO then and there it was love....

these bead barrattes were so easy to apply. I was a little hesitant to try them on Tye because of the word "barrette" but i can say they are truly unisex if you get the right colors

Which was easy enough, and we added some basketball beads because Tye asked, and i did not have to use rubber bands on his ends, bonus!

I can truly saw I am more than happy with these snap on beads. It was quick easy and saved me lots of frustration, from having to bead and tread beads...  I can just imagine all of the creative uses of  for these, and the versatility of hair types and styles. they can be used on ponytails, braids, twist,  locs and so much more.

Stay Tuned for a giveaway coming up :o)

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